Tuesday 2 December 2008

The witch hunt continues . . .

Oh Dear, What on earth is the Police Force becoming.

This is not what we all joined for is it?

NEARLY two weeks after the publishing of a 2007 BNP membership list on the Internet, Merseyside Police are still busy scrabbling around trying to accrue enough evidence in order to persecute one of their own officers.

The family of the officer concerned asked us to co-operate with the investigation, so we have done so, and over that last fourteen days have answered numerous enquiries from DC Tony O’Brien who seems to be in charge of this particular witch hunt. Yesterday, there was another officer asking questions, but when our membership office refused to discuss any information with him, it was O’Brien back on later in the day, this time wanting to know about the Freedom newspaper, how often it was published, and whether it was sent in a plain envelope.

He also wanted to know if someone had taken out a subscription to Freedom, whether its was possible for that newspaper to be addressed to someone else living in that household????

Can you believe it? It is obvious where he is trying to go with this line of questioning and it makes me very angry to think that there has been a team of officers who have spent two weeks trying to gather such information because they are so desperate to hound one of their own out of a job. There is something radically wrong with a society when a police force believes that this should be a such a priority.

There’s more on the witch hunt in Martin Wingfield’s blog this morning here.

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