Friday 28 November 2008

280 Guilty Men: How Members of the Association of Chief Police Officers are Becoming a Threat to Democracy

The appalling arrest of Tory frontbench immigration spokesman Damian Green for the heinous crime of sincerely trying - however inadequately - to do his job, has highlighted the growing threat from politicised senior police officers, who are willing to attack opposition political parties at Labour’s behest.

The protestations of Labour ministers that they were not informed about Mr Green’s arrest in advance, and that the Metropolitan police acted autonomously, can of course be discounted; Labour’s claims are no more convincing than any of the other rank falsehoods Labour have peddled over the past eleven years.

Free speech and democracy can thrive only when the police are scrupulous in maintaining a rigorous political non-alignment, both in appearance and in reality. Tragically, there is every indication that we are now moving back into the era of the 1930s Mussolini-style corporate state, where the police, the unions, the press and a whole slew of non-governmental organisations act as the thinly-disguised puppets of the ruling Party.

The 280 men and women who comprise the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) seem increasingly to be turning away from their traditional role of upholding the law and fighting serious crime, in favour of increasingly blatant attempts to curry favour with Labour by aligning themselves firmly with the Government’s political agenda. A cynic might deem it no coincidence that these attacks on opposition political parties are taking place just as ACPO members are jostling to replace Sir Ian Blair as Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Britain’s most lucrative policing role.

While ACPO senior police officers confined themselves to harassing, intimidating and, in one case, torturing members of the British National Party, the media stood by and said nothing. Now that Labour’s political police have extended their attack to another major opposition party, it is surely high time the British media and the British public sat bolt-upright and took cognisance of the grave significance of what is going on.

Fortunately, there is little prospect of the Tories’ Damian Green being charged, far less convicted, of any offence. As we saw with the triumphant acquittal of Nick Griffin in 2006, few English juries are prepared to convict a freeborn Englishman, simply for unmasking the abuses of our rulers. As with the recent detention of BNP activists in Burnley and Liverpool, the intent of senior police officers is to merely to instil a sense of fear and trepidation in anyone who might seek to expose Labour misdeeds in general, and their policies of Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism in particular.

British Nationalists now find themselves in the unprecedented position of agreeing with Tony Benn that the arrest of Damian Green is nothing less than a police attack on Parliament itself. It is high time that everyone who believes in British parliamentary democracy, takes a firm stand against Labour and their ACPO puppets. We must resolutely say no, this shall not stand!

The British National Party believes that the likes of Mr Damian Green should be free to fulfil their role on the opposition front bench, holding the British government - preferably a future BNP Government - democratically to account. It is the dysfunctional and politicised Labour senior police officers of our day who richly deserve to find themselves in the cells.

India's Shoot To Kill policy?

So much for the criticism of the UK 'Shoot to Kill' policy. Eh.

The silence from the left is deafening me.

Come on you cowardly 'bleeding hearts'

Say something about the Indian army.

It's alright for them to do it, or is it not?


Were the Police Right in Arresting Damian Green MP

This is a burning question.

Do you think that police officers should be used as political tools?

There were no security issues at stake, yet senior officers used their fullest force to arrest an elected Conservative MP.

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Saturday 22 November 2008

Greater Manchester Police Chief Wants Preferential Treatment for Non-Whites in Recruitment

Peter Fahy, the new chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, has said that the only way to recruit more black and Asian police officers is by recruiting less local white people.

A decade ago, Mr. Fahy’s predecessor said that the force institutionally racist and had too many white officers.

Instead of finding out why, Mr. Fahy said that affirmative action needed to stop the jobs going to whites police recruits.

He admitted, however, that the public would not be happy with such blatant anti-white discrimination, saying that this would reduce confidence in the police.”

His non-white colleagues were, perhaps unsurprisingly, less reticent about bringing in anti-white racist recruitment policies.

Yousef Dar, a member of the Greater Manchester Muslim Police Association, said:
“If we are saying that we can’t go out and recruit more black and ethnic minority officers, that is a damning indictment on the GMP. What does that say about people’s trust and confidence?
“In terms of the education system, Asian people tend to be among the highest achievers. Why can’t they also be high achievers in the police - are there barriers there?”

The truth being that they are not allowed to join the police by their families and religeous leaders.

Charles Crichlow of the infamous Black and Asian Police Association was even more forthright in his advocacy of the racist policy of “affirmative action”:

He thinks it is time for non-whites to drop their hang-ups about it and look at those proposals if we are serious about taking over the force.

The Black and Asian Police Association’s plea to have a “democratic” police force in Manchester may come as something of a surprise to recently sacked GMP police officer Stuart Janaway. PC Janaway was the officer with the GMB who was recently sacked for the thought crime of wearing a BNP badge at a football match.

In many ways Mr. Fahy’s comments about the introduction of affirmative action into the police force are moot because it has been proven that it is already in place. In 2006, Avon and Somerset discarded nearly 200 applications from white men simply on the grounds that they were white and males.

Ralph Welsman, one of those white applicants, took the force to court over this discrimination and the Avon and Somerset force admitted their unlawful actions and settled with Mr. Welsman out of court.

And in the same year, Gloucester police were forced to pay compensation to Matt Powell who was one of 108 white applicants who had their application forms thrown into the bin simply because they were white.

Avon and Somerset police discarded nearly 200 applications from young white men after a recruitment drive last year to give greater opportunity to women and ethnic minority candidates. It claimed that white males were “over- represented” on the force.

Anti-terror police 'need Muslims' we are told

Urgent action is needed to boost the number of Muslim officers in counter-terrorism units, the National Association of Muslim Police has said rather shockingly.

Does anyone out there have any experience of this farce.

Soon we will be employing murderers and rapists to use their expertise in solving similar crimes.

Friday 21 November 2008

Final insult: Now public faces paying millions to provide Baby P's mother with a new identity

Baby P:
Society woefully failed to protect the toddler, but his mother is likely to get a new identity at a cost of millions and untold Police officers will have to protect this woman in spite of her vile acts.
The taxpayer faces a multimillion-pound bill to give the evil mother of Baby P a new identity when she leaves prison.
Amidst the widespread public revulsion at the case, greedy lawyers and supporters will use human rights legislation to claim that the 27-year-old's life is at risk. But truthfully who really cares.
They are believed to be already drawing up a list of demands to ensure that she receives permanent 'protection' from the public.
It would involve a new home, name and round-the-clock protection for this woman.
In addition, it is likely that her legal team will request a lifelong court order - banning anyone from identifying her or her whereabouts.
Similar orders have been granted for other notorious convicts - including the Soham murderer's girlfriend Maxine Carr, child killer Mary Bell and the boys who murdered toddler James Bulger.
The latest move is being planned because of the public outcry over the ordeal of 17-month-old Baby P at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend and lodger.
Time to stand up and be counted I say.