Friday 21 November 2008

Final insult: Now public faces paying millions to provide Baby P's mother with a new identity

Baby P:
Society woefully failed to protect the toddler, but his mother is likely to get a new identity at a cost of millions and untold Police officers will have to protect this woman in spite of her vile acts.
The taxpayer faces a multimillion-pound bill to give the evil mother of Baby P a new identity when she leaves prison.
Amidst the widespread public revulsion at the case, greedy lawyers and supporters will use human rights legislation to claim that the 27-year-old's life is at risk. But truthfully who really cares.
They are believed to be already drawing up a list of demands to ensure that she receives permanent 'protection' from the public.
It would involve a new home, name and round-the-clock protection for this woman.
In addition, it is likely that her legal team will request a lifelong court order - banning anyone from identifying her or her whereabouts.
Similar orders have been granted for other notorious convicts - including the Soham murderer's girlfriend Maxine Carr, child killer Mary Bell and the boys who murdered toddler James Bulger.
The latest move is being planned because of the public outcry over the ordeal of 17-month-old Baby P at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend and lodger.
Time to stand up and be counted I say.


Anonymous said...

Hello. love your'e site ! i think it's disgraceful to that the 'mother' accused of torturing her son, is to be given an new identity,

VOBR! said...

Thanks Mizz we will always print the truth here!!