Friday 28 November 2008

Were the Police Right in Arresting Damian Green MP

This is a burning question.

Do you think that police officers should be used as political tools?

There were no security issues at stake, yet senior officers used their fullest force to arrest an elected Conservative MP.

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Anonymous said...

Not being a Member of the Police,or ex-member,I think that whoever started this blog is spot on. Congratulations!.No the Police were not right in arresting Mr.Green,nor were they right in arresting the 13BNP members last week.It boils down to freedom of speech,in Mr. Greens case,he was pursuing his right as an opposition MP.Imagine if Churchill had not 'inside' information at the time,we would all be speaking German now. In the case of the BNP 13,they were in the course of distributing perfectly legal documents,that had been cleared by the legal dept. of the party. Mr. Green was given information on the subject of immigration, which is taboo,and is never mentioned by members of the Labour party,try getting your Labour MP. to answer a question on it, impossible.This is the worst Government in living memory,they are trying to hide facts that the British people have a right to know. The truth will always find a way of being known.