Sunday 25 January 2009

Want to cut violent crime? It's quite simple

Last week's crime figures showed that burglary and crimes of violence were up during the last three months of 2008. But depressing though that is, the reaction to the data is even more so. Almost no-one is taken in by the Government's repeated insistence that we've all "never had it so good", for violent crime, according to official figures, has doubled since 1997. But collectively, we seem to have given up on the hope that anything can be done about it.

That is a mistake. It is not, in fact, that difficult to improve the justice system and to bring down crimes of violence. It has been done in America: in Boston, for example, aggressive policing and the conviction and harsh sentencing of those carrying guns on the street brought violent crime levels down by 60 per cent. In 1995, there were five times as many street robberies in New York City as in London. Today, London has 14,000 more street robberies a year than does New York.

The steps needed to re-balance our system of justice so that it is more effective do not involve anything very radical. They come down to three:

Step 1. Provide incentives to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure that violent criminals are prosecuted rather than let off with cautions (the number of violent criminals given cautions has increased by 82 per cent over the past five years).

Step 2. Increase significantly the minimum sentences for violent crimes: if you are part of a gang that rapes someone and douses them in caustic soda, for example, you should go to prison for life, not come up for release in two and half years (as will happen to Jason Brew, convicted of that crime last week).

Step 3. Increase significantly the number of prison places so that the greater number of criminals sentenced to longer terms can be accommodated.

If those steps sound familiar, it's because they are. Labour has repeatedly promised to take each of them. It has repeatedly failed to keep its promises. The root cause of that failure has been the reluctance to fund a significant expansion of the prison system. Labour has passed a series of criminal justice acts which sound as if they are going to increase the sentences for violent criminals. But because it has failed to provide additional prison places, those tough-sounding laws have been reversed by early release schemes, by "community punishments", and by other initiatives dedicated to keeping criminals out of prison.

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, wanted to introduce targets for the police which would include special incentives for forces if they increased the number of violent criminals they arrested and persuaded the CPS to prosecute. Jack Straw, the Justice Minister, soon put a stop to that: he said it would mean more violent criminals would be sent to prison – and there was neither the money nor the prison places for that.

There is, within not just Labour, but also among the academics, civil servants and judges who run the system, a belief that no policy can make much difference to crime levels, and that it is wrong to punish criminals severely anyway, because perpetrators of crime are "victims" too. Jack Straw has railed against that bias on occasion. But he has done nothing to end it, and indeed has continued to preside over a system that enshrines it.

Chris Grayling, the new shadow home secretary, needs to demonstrate that if the Tories win the next election, they will replace Labour's empty rhetoric with serious action. One of his first commitments might be to re-introduce Michael Howard's policies of "three strikes and you're out" – mandatory prison sentences for drug dealers, burglars and robbers convicted for the same offence on three occasions – and "honesty in sentencing", so that a four year sentence actually means you spend four years in prison, not 18 months or less as is often the case at the moment. Mr Howard's attempt, when he was Home Secretary, to introduce those policies was frustrated by the judges and by the Tories' wafer-thin majority. Labour was able to insert a clause which meant judges could vary sentences as they saw fit. And so they have, using their "discretion" to keep criminals out of prison. Mr Howard never got round to "honesty in sentencing".

The effect has been that criminals have to commit dozens, sometimes scores or even hundreds of offences, before they are sentenced to prison. The idea behind leniency is that criminals will reform if given a second (or third, or thirtieth) chance. There is no evidence whatever to support that idea. The evidence rather demonstrates the opposite: when criminals know that the costs of crime to them are low, because the chances of being convicted and sent to prison are close to zero, they respond by committing more crimes. That's why we have rising rates of violent crime, while rates in America are falling: in America, they don't caution criminals, they send them to prison for lengthy terms. It only takes determination on the part of Government for similar policies to be adopted here.

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New EU map makes Kent part of same 'nation' as France

A warning to everyone in Britain!! Beware of the secret EU plan to abolish Britain!! The battle of Britain part 2 has begun!

On June 4th we finally get the right to vote for our future on membership of the hated European Union.

Labour denied us all the choice and lied on their promise of a referendum on the EU.

Labour has committed treason against our people by ratifying the Lisbon treaty without public consent.

The Irish voted no to Europe and the arrogant European Union has ignored this and is insisting the Irish "think again".

The euro elections will be fought under proportional representation which means every vote will count.

Enough is enough!

Your country needs you!

This could be the last chance we ever have of saving what’s now left of Great Britain.

You must now stand and be counted or lose England forever!

1-Register today on the electoral role and be ready to vote!

2-Warn friends and family of the very real threat we now face!

3-Send this email on to every contact you have!

4-Vote for the British national party. The BNP are the only credible party to support our withdrawal from the European Union.

Pass this email on to at least 5 people and play your part in saving Britain and all we stand for!

Please read the evidence below and vote!

New EU map makes Kent part of same 'nation' as France

By Jasper Copping and Melissa Kite

They have tried to redraw the map of Europe before. Now a German-led "conspiracy of cartographers" stands accused of trying to use a new European Union directive to give Brussels the power to change national boundaries.
The conservative party fears that the directive, currently passing through the European parliament, could be the first step of a Berlin-inspired master plan to create a united states of Europe divided, not into nation states, but instead a series of "trans-national" regions, the templates for which have already been drawn up.
Under the changes, those living in Kent and east Sussex would find themselves not inhabitants of Britain, but the transmanche region, where their fellow citizens would not be their English-speaking neighbours but the French-speaking population of northern France.
North of the transmanche would be the North Sea region, taking in all of eastern England and vast areas of Scandinavia, Germany and the low countries.
Western Britain and Ireland would become the Atlantic region, a huge zone that also takes in parts of France, Spain and Portugal.
Perhaps most bizarre would be the northern periphery region, lumping together the population of north-west Scotland with their very distant cousins in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Iceland.
Draft outlines of these regions have already been drawn up as part of a long-running EU project called interreg, which has created the areas to foster cross-border- co-operation on issues such as tourism, trade, health and the environment.
the EU says that the directive on "spatial information", which requires all member states to bring their maps and data into line with the European commission's specifications, is to help to harmonise data across Europe and allow the smoother implementation of social, environmental and transport policies.
However, the conservative party fears that the Germans, who are among the most vocal supporters of transnationality, will use it as a tool to dismantle nation states by strengthening and enhancing the regional templates when they take over the EU presidency next year. In June, Wolfgang Tiefensee, a German minister, said: "there is the great hope underlying the goal of a united Europe that we can permanently overcome old borders."
Eric pickles, the shadow minister for local government and deputy chairman of the conservative party, said: "under the labour government, Britain has already been sub-divided into regions as part of John Prescott’s empire building, yet worse could be to come.
"A conspiracy of cartographers in Brussels is seeking to break up Britain into regions that cross national boundaries. i fear that there is an agenda to undermine national identities and impose a united states of Europe by stealth. Conservatives will fight these attempts to balkanise Britain."
Under the directive, Brussels will also gain access to "spies in the sky" – data provided by satellite and airborne photography and sensors – in addition to property information about people's homes. Critics believe this is a precursor to Brussels creating a new computer database, with which to levy an EU-wide property tax.
Andrew duff, the liberal democrat MEP for the east of England, described the conservative reaction to the directive and the creation of transnational regions as "childish baloney. This directive is trying to achieve a norm of statistics across Europe to develop social policy, transport infrastructure and so on," he said. "It is just a tool for policy-making.

Source- daily telegraph'nation'-as-france.html

Friday 23 January 2009


This web blog has been set up by me, Michael Green. I am a retired Police Officer and I have decided to take a stand against political bigots who seek to deny Britains finest the right to belong to a political party of their choice.

Although the site has the title of 'The White Police Association', I have to admit that I am not actually white myself. I confess that I am clearly pink. Sometimes however, like a chamelion, I apprear to change colour. In high summer I can go from bright red to a rather pleasing light brown. This soon fades after about a week though back to pink.

This blog is intended to be used only by white, pink, off-white, grey, ruddy, and temporarily tanned persons of any of the four current sexes.
Also it is particularly welcoming for people who through no fault of their own are called black just because one or other of their parents was not white.
To these people I will say that we will solely refer to you by your name. Nothing else is relevant.

Although we have no argument with our black colleagues you cannot join us because you have your own association, which we are not allowed to join, so there.

However a anyone can make a comment beneath each post, or send a story via the email link to the right of the page.

We will not allow profanity, racist comments or extreme views.

Although a bit tounge-in-cheek, this is an honest site with intentions to one day grow into a national entity ultimately ditching the word 'White' in favour of 'British'.

You now have your say.
Please use it wisely.
MIKE GREEN (Editor and webmaster.)

Thursday 22 January 2009


Years ago when I was a youngish constable in Swansea a certain poison dwarf of a superintendent tried to get me to spy on other officers. I told him to bugger orf.
I then found that my progress in the police slowed dramatically.
In those days internal spies were called 'Rubber Heelers', and ordinary officers dispised them.

I would like to know if any of the readership have been subjected to such pressures lately regarding membership of the BNP.
You can feel free of course to likewise report any presence of hard line left wing officers in your station.

All information will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and emails will only be sent to you if you request them.

Cheers Ed.

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Merseyside Officer suspended on suspicion of being a member of BNP

Hot News:

Pc faces quiz on alleged BNP link

The media are confused because he is not a skinhead and his knuckles do not reach the ground.

Pc Steve Bettley has been suspended from duty and may lose his livelyhood and any prospect of future employment, dooming him and his family to a life of poverty and early death for being a British Patriot.

A Merseyside police officer suspended after his name appeared on a list of British National Party (BNP) members is to be interrogated by his unbiased multicultural and opinionated bosses.

Pc Steve Bettley was forced to interrupt his much needed holiday when the document containing details of 12,000 people was published online.

Seizing upon this the very fair British media made sure that everyone in the world knew about him, and virtually sucked him home to be castigated over his supposed political patriotism.

The Merseyside force specifically bans all officers from membership of the BNP, Combat 18 whoever they are and the National Front who disbanded 10 years ago. It does not specifically ban officers from being members of the Black or Muslim or any other Race Police Associations. 14K (Chinese Mafia), Communist Party, Socialist Workers Party, Searchlight, Lesbian and Gay movements, IRA, Scottish Nationalist Party, Welsh Nationalist Party, or in fact anyone apart from The BNP.

It does not ban the general public from being a murderer, rapist, burglar or whatever, and will welcome them back into society to do it all again. (helps to butter up the crime stats. of course)

The Merseyside Black Police Association (MBPA) has appealed for calm during the internal investigation. How noble of them.

A certain force spokesman said Mr Bettley had returned from holiday in fear of his future to co-operate with an internal witch hunt, which will prove that the officer does have any links with the party.

The MBPA speaker, Vinny Tomlinson believes that due process must be allowed to take place and will appeal for calm amongst the white indigeonous majority.

The spokesthing (no offence intended, as I am not allowed to identify its ethnicity or sex) added: "Merseyside Police can confirm that the police officer is subject to an ongoing internal investigation into his alleged association with the BNP and has been suspended from duty.

"We (meaning me and some others who will judge public opinion before we make a decision)would like to reiterate we will keep an open mind until the facts around the alleged investigation have been proved, even if it takes for ever."

The officer who is actually pink once worked for a six-week period as a personal driver for the force's chief constable, Bernard Hogan Howe (whatever that is supposed to mean.) Are they now dragging him in it it as well?

Mr Bettley was actually included in a list of thousands of BNP supporters which was leaked on an internet blog. His name was part of the main entry of a family member. This list has already been subject of a High Court Injunction which has banned its publication or use. The Police have obviously and flagrantly broken his injunction and it will be interesting to see what action will be taken against the individuals reponsible.

We shall remember this injustice and persue it appropriately.

Al Dalziel who is an important Black Police Association person although he appears to be Orange.

He is curently suspended from spurious duty for various apparent misdeeds by the Met. We believe that one of them is shirking work by pretending to be an important orange flavoured black person.

'Court action'

In a statement, MBPA chair Vinny Tomlinson who we could not find a photo of. (Is he a relative of that bigotted Ricky Tomlinson the millionaire actor), implied rather placatingly: "MBPA believes that due process must be allowed to take place and we appeal for calm in that respect. Then we will hang and draw him.

"MBPA also supports Merseyside Police to ensure the safety and security of those who it feels may be at risk as a result of being associated with the BNP."

He said the association was available to help the force during the investigation.

Officers have been banned from joining or promoting the BNP to prevent harming race relations, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo).