Wednesday 21 January 2009

Merseyside Officer suspended on suspicion of being a member of BNP

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Pc faces quiz on alleged BNP link

The media are confused because he is not a skinhead and his knuckles do not reach the ground.

Pc Steve Bettley has been suspended from duty and may lose his livelyhood and any prospect of future employment, dooming him and his family to a life of poverty and early death for being a British Patriot.

A Merseyside police officer suspended after his name appeared on a list of British National Party (BNP) members is to be interrogated by his unbiased multicultural and opinionated bosses.

Pc Steve Bettley was forced to interrupt his much needed holiday when the document containing details of 12,000 people was published online.

Seizing upon this the very fair British media made sure that everyone in the world knew about him, and virtually sucked him home to be castigated over his supposed political patriotism.

The Merseyside force specifically bans all officers from membership of the BNP, Combat 18 whoever they are and the National Front who disbanded 10 years ago. It does not specifically ban officers from being members of the Black or Muslim or any other Race Police Associations. 14K (Chinese Mafia), Communist Party, Socialist Workers Party, Searchlight, Lesbian and Gay movements, IRA, Scottish Nationalist Party, Welsh Nationalist Party, or in fact anyone apart from The BNP.

It does not ban the general public from being a murderer, rapist, burglar or whatever, and will welcome them back into society to do it all again. (helps to butter up the crime stats. of course)

The Merseyside Black Police Association (MBPA) has appealed for calm during the internal investigation. How noble of them.

A certain force spokesman said Mr Bettley had returned from holiday in fear of his future to co-operate with an internal witch hunt, which will prove that the officer does have any links with the party.

The MBPA speaker, Vinny Tomlinson believes that due process must be allowed to take place and will appeal for calm amongst the white indigeonous majority.

The spokesthing (no offence intended, as I am not allowed to identify its ethnicity or sex) added: "Merseyside Police can confirm that the police officer is subject to an ongoing internal investigation into his alleged association with the BNP and has been suspended from duty.

"We (meaning me and some others who will judge public opinion before we make a decision)would like to reiterate we will keep an open mind until the facts around the alleged investigation have been proved, even if it takes for ever."

The officer who is actually pink once worked for a six-week period as a personal driver for the force's chief constable, Bernard Hogan Howe (whatever that is supposed to mean.) Are they now dragging him in it it as well?

Mr Bettley was actually included in a list of thousands of BNP supporters which was leaked on an internet blog. His name was part of the main entry of a family member. This list has already been subject of a High Court Injunction which has banned its publication or use. The Police have obviously and flagrantly broken his injunction and it will be interesting to see what action will be taken against the individuals reponsible.

We shall remember this injustice and persue it appropriately.

Al Dalziel who is an important Black Police Association person although he appears to be Orange.

He is curently suspended from spurious duty for various apparent misdeeds by the Met. We believe that one of them is shirking work by pretending to be an important orange flavoured black person.

'Court action'

In a statement, MBPA chair Vinny Tomlinson who we could not find a photo of. (Is he a relative of that bigotted Ricky Tomlinson the millionaire actor), implied rather placatingly: "MBPA believes that due process must be allowed to take place and we appeal for calm in that respect. Then we will hang and draw him.

"MBPA also supports Merseyside Police to ensure the safety and security of those who it feels may be at risk as a result of being associated with the BNP."

He said the association was available to help the force during the investigation.

Officers have been banned from joining or promoting the BNP to prevent harming race relations, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo).


Anonymous said...

The said person is not black, as being informed by a mixed race white/black, that the term black refers to peoples of afro or carribean backgrounds. The term for asians is coloured, that is why black people do not like to be referred to as coloured. Racist or what? Very double standards.

Anonymous said...

It is not Merseyside Police who are imposing a ban on being a member of the BNP..It is part of Police regs.....
Whether you think it should be part of Police regs. or not is another issue.. but it clearly is..
(Home Office Circular 12 / 2005 refers )...therefore if the allegation is proven then this officer would be in breach of that regulation and will rightly suffer the any Police officer would by breaching any regulation..

VOBR! said...

I could not agree with you more, 'anonymous'.
I am well aware of the regulations regarding membership of a political party by police officers.
There must be thousands that do belong or contribute to political parties particularly ones like the Black Police association which is funded by the Communist and Labour parties. There are also many thousands who subscribe to the Conservative party, Scottish National, and Plaid Cymru parties.
This current issue is purely politically motivated by the left wing which is destroying our country.
Britain is going down the drain rapidly. You can either put the plug back in and turn the taps off or follow our curret leaders and be flushed ito oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Mr Green, if you are 'well aware of the regulations regarding membership of a political party by police officers' Then you will be aware that under those regulations it is perfectly permissable, as a serving Poice Officer, to be a member of a political party provided that the membership doesn't involve any political activity (e.g. canvassing etc). However The Police (Amendment) Regulations 2004 which came into force January 2005 specifically states that being a member of the British National Party, Combat 18, or the National Front is prohibited under these regulations.

As I have already stated whether or not that should be part of Police regs. is another issue, one I would suggest, to be determined, in a democracy, at the ballot box......

I was not aware that the Black Police association was a political party ...and even if it was, then under current regulations membership as a serving Police Officer would be perfectly lawful....

If ' Britain is going down the drain rapidly' then your opertunity to exercise your democratic right to stem this descent into the vortex will present itself within the next my experience those that shout about their democratic rights, do not readily accept the outcome of such a system ...'s only 'democratic' as long as it's your views that prevail...