Friday 12 December 2008


What is written here does not seek to justify nor condem the shooting of John Charles Menezes. What it does attempt to do is put into perspective some of what has been said, and publish some untold and deliberately withheld facts.

  • FACT: He was an illegal immigrant.
  • FACT: He had entered UK from Brazil by first going to France, then travelling to Ireland because there are no passport checks. All border controls are gone for interstate movement between Schengen countries except UK which has not signed up to this agreement.
  • FACT: He then travelled to UK from Ireland. Traditionally these two countries have had their own agreement about unrestricted travel.
  • FACT: This is a well known avenue for people to illegally gain access to UK who normally would not be granted access.
  • FACT: Menezes must have been aware of this loophole otherwise he would not have needed to go to the extra expense of using it.
  • FACT: He only applied for a student visa when his presence was discovered. (How was he sustaining himself)
  • FACT: He was not an electrician as has been repeatedly stated by the press, and he was not on his way to work on the morning that he died.
  • FACT: No one has given any evidence to prove that he was in fact an electrician, and no one has come forward as his employer, or his client on this day.
  • FACT: He lived in the same block of maisonettes as bombing suspect Hussain Osman, who shortly afterwards fled.
  • FACT: He would probably have known Osman.
  • FACT: Many local people and informed observers believe that Menezes was being used by Osman as a decoy to enable his escape.
  • FACT: Menezes used a typical anti-survellance tactic in alighting and re mounting a bus to see who gets off with him in an attempt to throw off persuers.
  • FACT:The excuse that he only got back on the bus because the station was shut is only an assumption. How would anyone possibly know that is the case.
  • FACT: Menezes would not normally have used this tube station (Brixton) because it is on the Victoria line. He eventually went to platform 2 at Stockwell which is the Northern line going to a completely different part of london.
  • FACT: This information has been repeatedly ignored and subdued. Why?
  • FACT: The media persistently refer to Menezes as Innocent. Why?

Only one thing is sure. Jean Charles Menezes is dead.
Justice has not been done.
He could well have been just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However the brave Police were doing an extremely difficult job.
Nothing was mentioned in the enquiry of Menezes convoluted background and where he was going on that day.

Let this incident be a lesson to all.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can do the same kind of 'untold truths' breakdown on the Stephen Lawrence case? There were a lot of unexplained discrepancies which were never highlighted in the media or any subsequent inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and why, if they were CONVINCED that he was a HOMICIDE bomber did they let him get underground where he could have inflicted the most damage?

Anonymous said...

"Probably" cannot be used as a 'fact'. Also have you ever got on the wrong bus or train or even been unsure if you are on the right bus or train in a country you don't know very well. The rest of the questions are good but there are some very flimsy ones there. There is only one real question and that is: why was it such a hugely public show of incompetence? Procedures were not followed and motives were flimsy to say the least. There is a much bigger picture going on here and we will see even more stupid security accidents if we don't change our world for the better. NWO stands for No Way Out!