Monday 8 December 2008

Ashamed? I am. (Lets have your comments please.)

Anyone who doubts that the Police State does not exist should think again. A BNP-supporting publican has been arrested because of commercial newspaper cuttings he pasted up on his pub walls which a visiting senior police officer did not like.

Mr Peter Mailer, owner of the Black Bull in Warkworth, Northumberland was arrested on ‘suspicion of committing a racially-aggravated public order offence’ because of newspaper clippings on the wall.

Mr. Mailer was arrested after a complaint from a senior Nottingham Police officer who visited the pub while on holiday.

Mr Mailer, who is an active supporter of the British National Party, was hauled into the nearby Alnwick Police Station.

He has been bailed to return to the station on December 23, when he will learn whether or not the Crown Prosecution Service will charge him.

The 52-year-old said he was stunned to learn that the complaint had been made by the Notts officer.

He said the officer had been in the pub with a friend and their wives. They chatted to him, but never mentioned the cuttings, which are mainly from national newspapers. Three days later, police arrested him and took everything off the walls.

The newspaper cuttings were all from commercially published daily newspapers. Journalists from the papers who read this, had therefore better be aware that the state which they have helped to create, will ultimately come for them as well.

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