Monday 23 March 2009

Why was PC Bettley Sacked

I served 20 odd years in the police in South Wales. When I joined in the 70's my duties were the 'protection of life and property and the prosecution of offenders'. There was no Crown Prosecution Service, no IPPC, no ACPO, no PACE and no real restrictions on suspects time spent in custody. Individual officers knew the law and an arrest was not accepted by the charge room sergeant unless all the supporting facts were there.
Pay was poor and you joined because it was a vocation. Senior officers had to earn respect and it was all very military like. Recruits were encouraged to intergrate fully and there was a 2 year probationary period where a senior Constable taught you how to be a real copper. You were then on your own, sometimes in very hostile areas.
Police were respected by all and we took pride in an outdated uniform. We had antiquated radios (if lucky), and earned our place in the community. The term 'Superior Officer' did not exist. We all mucked in together although seniority was recognised. Most voted conservative and were not banned frightened off from membership of a political party as even if discovered your boss was probably a member anyway and nothing would be done except being shown how to disguise the fact. Most like me refused outright to attend racial and disablement awareness courses well into our service. We paid for this with failed promotions and often being forced to work many miles from home. We were given no credit for having worked for years without fear or favour to anyone, and I saw these courses as a gross insult to my intelligence.
Todays Police service has none of this. The officers that you see walk on eggshells and act mostly upon the direct orders of others.
These others are mainly fast-tracked graduates of today's poor universities who have been brainwashed. New officers have had all the guts ripped from them before they reach the streets because of equality awareness courses. A 6 foot white officer who plays rugby and would create an aura and respect when attending a call was what people expected and got. Now they are likely to get a 5 footish woman officer that no one can see in a crowd. Note : I have not mentioned race. It does matter no matter what people might force upon us.
The weak attitude of PC Bettley denying membership is not his fault. If he lies about this he has lied about other things and he should not have been in the job in the first place. However he is more likely to be a product of a system which has destroyed the moral fibre and courage of its officers. We used to have individuals who were famous throughout the force. I doubt if there are any nowadays.
Soon the police will have been completely politicised. We do not have long, and we must make it party policy to defeat this creeping plague.
This PC may well be a coward who would not be wanted in the BNP. Or he could just be an ordinary bloke who has had the will to fight sucked out of him by this insipid government.


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